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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

meaning of words (english) ~ part 2

abhorrence ~ the feeling of disgust or extreme hatred

abhorrent ~ causing a person to be shocked or disgusted

abide ~ to obey, to remain faithful to an agreement

abiding ~ continuing for a very long time

ability ~ the capacity, skill or power needed to do something physical or mental

abiotic ~ without life

abject ~ poor, miserable / thought to be worthless because cowardly

ablaze ~ on fire

able ~ clever, capable

ablutions ~ a place for washing in a camp or a ship, a ceremonial washing of the hands or the
body as an act of a religion

ably ~ in a skillful way

abnormal ~ unusual, not normal, unexpected

abode ~ no permanent home

abolish ~ to put an end to a law or a war

abominable ~ causing disgust because bad, unpleasant

aboriginal ~ belonging to, existing to

abort ~ to stop an activity

abortion ~ a failure of a project or an activity

abortive ~ unsuccessful

abound ~ to have a great number or quantity of something